Romantic Luxury Wedding at The Palace at Somerset Park, New Jersey | Daurisa & Fred | September 18, 2016

Brides Full Name Daurisa Villanueva
Grooms Full Name Fred Tessier

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal.
Daurisa and Fred first met on Thursday, October 21, 2004 in New York City. It was a beautiful evening (approximately 6:30PM) in Soho Manhattan, and the location was on Houston Street and 6th Avenue, near a traffic stop light. On that particular day, Fred left work and was on his way to a friend’s birthday party; who was also celebrating a milestone year of success throughout the music industry. While in his car and in route to the gathering, Fred called another friend (Deidre) to invite her to the party since this was also an event for professionals throughout the music business. While speaking to Deidre and inviting her to the party, Deidre mentioned to Fred that she was also on her way to that very same party.

Coincidence right? While in the car chatting with Deidre on the phone, Deidre told Fred that she was actually 10 minutes away from the venue and that she’d meet him at the front entrance so they can go in together. Fred then asked Deidre for her exact location and Deidre mentioned that she was at a traffic stop light on Houston Street and 6th Avenue with two of her friends in a yellow taxi cab.

Ironically, while on the phone with Deidre in his car, Fred ALSO happened to be on Houston Street and 6th Avenue. Interestingly enough, Fred’s car was located two cars ahead of Deidre’s taxi cab. While on the phone with Deidre in quite surprise, Fred then tells Deidre to get out of the taxi cab and jump into his car to ride along to the party together. Since Deidre was with two of her friends (Tanya and Dauri), she asked Fred if it was okay for them to ride along as well.

When all 3 girls entered Fred’s car to head to the party, Fred was immediately struck by Dauri’s beauty. After a great night at the party, Fred and Dauri kept in touch. As time passed along, Dauri and Fred became more than friends and the rest of their story was history in the making, full with God’s grace in the most unbelievable love story ever told!

Since Daurisa and Fred haven’t been on a vacation together in over 5 years, Fred planned a very special engagement proposal for Daurisa on New Year’s Day (January 1, 2016) in San Juan Puerto Rico, where Daurisa is from. Understanding that this celebration is one of the biggest moments in every woman’s life, Fred wanted this proposal to have a timeless meaning to it, full of value, full of love, full of sacrifice, and also full of substance. Prior to finalizing the preparations for the big day, Fred’s first step was to shop around for a beautiful engagement ring. What was even more important to Fred was that their 7-year old son (Jordan) was also part of the selection process.

One weekend during the Thanksgiving season, Fred and Jordan went ring shopping to over 11 different jeweler locations. Although the process took several weeks to finalize, it was certainly well-worth it! Since Daurisa and Fred both share the same taste in quality and style, Fred wanted to purchase a ring that was breathtaking. He wanted Daurisa to be reminded that every time she looked at her hand, she was reminded of their love in the beauty of her precious diamonds. After many weeks of searching for the right engagement ring, Fred finally found a ring that was very classy, elegant, and also bridging the gap between modern and traditional style. The sweet thing however is that Daurisa is the type of person that didn’t care what type of ring Fred purchased for her. Her love for Fred is unconditional, and also endless.

Nevertheless, Fred still decided to go out with a BANG by selecting an 18 Karat White Gold and Diamond engagement ring, featuring a brilliant cut diamond as the center stone. The center diamond weighs 1.37 karats with an excellent cut, polish, clarity and symmetry. With certifications and ratings from G.I.A (Gemological Institute of America), the diamond is set in a ring with a cushion shaped halo of prong set brilliant cut diamonds, which also follow along the band of the ring with 38 featured diamonds in the setting. The total weight of karats combined in the engagement ring equal 3.2 Karats.

After finally selecting that perfect ring, Fred then made preparations to have the proposal take place in San Juan, Puerto Rico on a private beach at one of the most gorgeous hotels in the country (Caribe Hilton). On this private beach, Fred prepared a phenomenal dinner with four of the best chefs in Puerto Rico, along with a very impeccable setup and décor for the evening. The décor was filled with extravagant linens, silverware, candles, flowers, champagne, and more.

Since the motif and the atmosphere was perfect, Fred then grabbed Daurisa’s hand and walked towards the beach to pray together. Immediately after their prayer, Fred read to Daurisa a love letter called “Unconditional Love”, which is also featured on Fred’s blog at After reading the love letter to Daurisa, her eyes were full with tears. While the waters from her eyes dripped to the sands of the ground, Fred kneeled down on one knee and asked Daurisa to marry him. With the sounds of soft Christian music playing in the background and a face full of tears, Daurisa immediately shouted “Yes”! Sounds of applause filled the scene as everyone hired for the surprise embraced Fred and Daurisa with smiles and big hugs. Fred then picked up Daurisa with two hands and while hugging each other they kissed the night away as the journey to their engagement began.

Wedding Style: Describe your wedding dress. What was wedding shopping like for you?
My wedding dress was not what I tnought I would get for my wedding. After trying on 8 different dresses I tried on the ballgown by Allure and fell in love with it. It made all the other dresses look plain, and I knew I found my wedding dress.

Shopping for my wedding dress was truly a memory that I will never forget. I went to Bridal Reflections in Long Island, NY and it was such a beautiful experience. Their service was also impeccable! During each visit, my mother in law and my sister were there for support, and they truly made me feel like a Queen. My bridal attendant (Nicole) was also the sweetest woman ever! She treated the selection process with so much support and also as if it was for her. It was a dream come true!

Culture: Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? If yes, tell us more.
Yes, we incorporated Fred’s Caribbean culture with the food selections, and also with the entertainment by having two soca-jumbie dancers. In addition, Dauri’s Puerto Rican culture was also embraced with the food selections.

Memories: What is your best memory from your wedding?
My best wedding memory is when my husband washed my feet the way Jesus washed his disciples feet. It was a very unselfish way of showing me how much he loves me, and that we are one flesh, serving each other in the name of Jesus.

My best memory was seeing my beautiful wife walking down the aisle to me with tears in her eyes. A refection of our journey rand across my mind, and all I could think about was God’s amazing grace, and our unconditional love for each other.

Advice: What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?
Our best advice to all couples going through the wedding process is to continue to keep God at the center of the entire journey, but also with the relationship between each other. Throughout every wedding planning process there will always be ups and downs, however, with God all things are made new and restored by faith in Jesus Christ.

Favorite item on the menu:
The Cake! Lol

First dance song:
Truly by Lionel Richie


Event Planner: EllyB Events
Wedding Venue: The Palace at Somerset Park
Floral Decor: Makini Regal Designs
Linens: EllyB Events
Photographer: Cathy Milane of Milanes Photography
DJ: DJ Mike Music
Emcee: Freddy Boom-Boom of Boom Boom Productions
Cinematographer: Yamean Studio Films
Entertainment: Casa Brazillia
Violinst: James Keene
Photobooth: Inside Out Booth
Silverware and Flutes: Tiffany & Co.
Wedding Cake: The Palace at Somerset Park
Transportation: Rolls Royce Wedding Transportation
Pastor and Church: Pastor Raphael Giglio of Zarephath Christian Church
Bride Wedding Dress: Bridal Reflections
Bride Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Bride Jewelry & Accessories: Roman Jewelers
Bride Makeup: Daurisa Tessier
Bride Hairstying: Daurisa Tessier
Bridesmaids Dresses: RK Bridal NYC
Groom Styling: Mr. Baldwin Style
Groom Tuxedo: Alexander Nash
Groom Bow Tie: Mr. Baldwin Style (The Baldwin Tie Collection)
Groomer: Sheldon Gludd
Groom Shoes: Magnanni
Groom Accessories: Giorgio Armani
Groomsman Tuxedo: The Black Tux
Wedding Website: Keen Management Group, Inc.