Elegant West Indian Wedding at Dyker Beach Golf Course, Brooklyn NY | Karisa & Devon

Brides Full Name Karisa Taylor
Grooms Full Name Devon Martins

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal.
We met in October 2003 through his cousin Tiffany. Tiffany and I (Karisa) were going to Sullivan County Community College together and we were both from Brooklyn. One weekend her cousin was giving her a ride to Port Authority and I hopped at the opportunity to get a lift. Devon dropped us off and I did not think much of it. I said thank you and we parted ways. Little did I know that would not be the last of our rides.

The years went on, we remained friends, we had different relationships and we even tried dating in 2006, but the timing was not right. We went some time without speaking, but it was never for long.May 2011 he asked me “why aren’t we together? What’s holding us back?” I explained that we both had things we needed to work on. His response was “we can work on them together”. I thought that was a great response and I told him we can take baby steps.
Baby steps turned into big steps and in October of that year, we made it official. Over the course of the following year things were wonderful, trying new restaurants, movies, even a few concerts, getting to really know each other on a different level.
I was slowly falling in love. I have always loved him, because he was such a great friend for so many years, however, the feelings were different now. I wanted to spend all my free time with him, to share every aspect of my day, to share every joke.

October 29, 2012, my life changed forever in many ways. Hurricane Sandy took us by storm literally. I spoke to Devon around 6:30 pm that evening and decided to watch TV with my mom. Sandy hit and caused us to lose everything we had. My mother and I watched as our lives washed away. The water in the house started to rise and we had no idea when it would end. The phone service was bad but I was able to reach one of my friends, who told me to come to her house. My mom and I walked 10 blocks through the storm and flooded streets. When I got to my friend’s house, I was finally able to speak to Devon who said he would come and get me. I explained that trees and power was down and I did not think it was safe. He told me he would be okay.

About an hour later, he pulled up in an ambulance! He had a friend who drove an ambulance at the time and convinced him that he had to get me. It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. I felt like a princess who was rescued by her knight in shining armor or rather not so shiny ambulance.

Wedding Style: Describe your wedding dress. What was wedding shopping like for you?
My wedding dress was mermaid style, designed by Essence Of Australia. I had no intention on picking a dress as early as I did, but when I went to a Maggie Sottero trunk show at Lotus Bridal and tried on this dress coated with buttons going down the backlight embroidery, unique straps, and just the right amount of train, I knew it was it!

I picked my dress on the 2nd go round and I was truly happy it wasn’t a long drawn out process.

Culture: Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? If yes, tell us more.
We’re both West Indian, so with Labor Day the following weekend, we incorporated as many flags from other countries as we could.

The Waltz

Memories: What is your best memory from your wedding?
The Vows and Brides outfit change.

Advice: What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?
Be sure to communicate your feelings during the whole process, good or bad. You don’t want to get too caught up in the wedding planning and engagement that you don’t see marriage is the bigger picture.


Bridesmaids/Groomsmen gifts:
Bridesmaids- Custom robes with Wedding jeweler (necklaces & earrings)

Groomsmen- Custom flasks with shot glasses and Cigar holders

Favorite item on the menu:

First dance song:
Beres Hammond – “There for you”


Day of wedding coordinator- Victorious Events NYC
photography- By Petronela
videography- Yamean Studios
Florist- Midtown Florist
Furniture rental- Evolution Rentals
Brides Dress- Essence Of Austrilia (Lotus bridal)
Brides 2nd Look- Evolution Of J bailey
Veil- Pantora Bridal
Flower Girl Dresses- Pantora Mini
Bridesmaids Dresses- Sew Uneek
Bridesmaid Make up -Tenelle Veira
Brides Hair & Make up- Hair By Gstar
Brides Shoes- Giuseppe zanotti
Stationery- Skkypaperdesigns
Cake- BkConamore
Venue- Dyker Beach Golf Course

Romantic Cameroonian Wedding at the Park Chateau in East Brunswick NJ

Brides Full Name Carine Elise Mbida
Grooms Full Name Julius La-ahban Ngalim

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal.
Our professional ties marked the beginning of an amazing life story. While Julius was being hired to start work, Carine had presented her letter of resignation. Being at the verge of leaving, everyone kept talking to Carine about a new ‘African guy’ who has been hired in finance. Since Carine is from Africa, many thought she may easily identify with the “African guy”. Unfortunately, she had no contact with this guy till her last day at work. Nevertheless, a farewell party was organized for Carine before her departure. The whole office but the “African guy” turn out for the party. ” Being so prudent, he decided to treat Carine to a special lunch of two. She happily accepted the invitation. During our lunch, we were happy to know that both of are not just from Africa but from the same country – Cameroon. Coming to realize that we are from the same country, the chatting and talking became more personalized. We had a nice time with each other. While departing we only wished each other success in his/her respective careers. A month later, we both received unique invitations to attend a mutual friend’s baby’s baptism. Little did we know that we were both invited for the same event. It was a huge surprise for us as we met in the same church in Manhattan for the baptism. We both wondered how coincidental this could have been – to have been invited for the same event – to meet each other after saying farewell at work

After the baptism ceremony, we exchanged numbers. From that day, communicating between us intensified. We called and checked each other often. Circumstances beyond our control pushed our friendship to the next level. We started dating and slowly realized that we completed each other. We found ourselves already identifying the other person as a best friend, better half, one and only love, darling etc We can name all the adjectives one can use to describe two people who are actively in love. Since we met, we pretty much spoke to each other on a daily basis. When Julius went on work mission to Cameroon for two weeks, communication between us was some how frozen and was not as frequent as it was before his departure. It was a tough time for both parties. The difference in the time zones and work schedules mad it hard to reach out to the other party. We both felt we needed the other person so dearly. This was a visible sign that the other person played a vital role in each other’s life. When he came back from his business trip, he could not hold himself but invited Carine to the same restaurant where we had our first lunch. Even though Carine was about to surmise something was to happen, she did not have enough evidence to proof her point. She happily came for lunch. During lunch it all happened – Julius whispered to Carine : “Thou and I are too wise to woo peaceably” and Julius asked the famous question – ” Will you marry me? ” and the answer was – ” Yes, I will marry you.”

Wedding Style: Describe your wedding dress. What was wedding shopping like for you?
I really hated dress shopping. I live near NYC, so it’s not like I didn’t have options. I had plenty of options and I just didn’t have the time and patience to go around trying dresses. So I started dress shopping online shortly after we got engaged. I figured it would be something I could knock off the list quickly, but I don’t think my vision of the day (or budget) was clear enough at this point to really find the dress I wanted.

That being said, I just didn’t want to wear a strapless dress ( or anything too poofy), and, surprisingly, that was harder to find than I had thought. I wanted to be different, unique, elegant and sophisticated, great quality and price.
I am a true African girl with wide hips and a small waist, so I felt like it would be almost impossible to find my dream dress. No matter how much you clip that dress, it’s really not ever going to look like the real thing when you put it on me.

I turned to pintrest and Instagram to get an idea of the type of dresses that I should get. I fell on a picture of a bride that had my shape and I loved her dress and the way it fit her. I quickly jotted down the name of the designer and the dress style ( mermaid I learned J ). .. I googled it and I found the dress, it was pretty but there was only one problem; it was two times what my budget was….I spoke to Johanne (JP Events and Design) about it and she immediately told me about Pantora Bridal boutique, she set up the appointment for me and the rest was history. .. The first time I met Andrea, I knew that I was in good hands. She drew a sketch of the dress I have shown her from the Instagram picture, but then added her own touch to it and that was it! She created my dream dress and I couldn’t be any happier….

Culture: Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? If yes, tell us more.
Definitely, we did integrate some culture in our wedding. Getting married in the USA, while both of us have a huge Cameroonian heritage, we could not but manifest our collective human heritage during our wedding.

This manifestation was explicit in a number of ways. During our ceremony not only were prayers said in English, some prayers and songs were in Lamnso and Ewondo – the official languages of the respective tribes from where Julius and Carine stem from. During the cocktail hours we had a blend of Western Music and our rich Cameroonian musical culture that accompanied our guests during their refreshment. Notwithstanding, the epic of our Cameroonian culture was manifested during the reception – The songs, the dancing and the interaction during this time was so particular to our African culture.
Above all the last phase of the ceremony, was marked by a change into our Cameroonian outfit. This outfit brought us back to our roots. It made us do a true reminiscence of who we are and where we are heading to. It made us celebrate and dance to our own cultural wedding musics. It was really a blessing and real happiness to have had this part during our ceremony.

Memories: What is your best memory from your wedding?
To be candid, there has never been a day in our lives like this day. Suprisingly, many people get stressed during such events but we were so confident and happy everything was fine. There was no other reason for the stressfree wedding but the fact that we got an excellent wedding planner Johanne P ( JP Event and Design). She made us go to the event as if nothing depended on us. We both felt we were Royal Highness’s that evening. All memories – inclusive – of the day from beginning to end are best memories. We will want to live the day again.

Advice: What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?
The best advice we can give to engaged couples is to do every thing within their reach to get married. There is some intrinsic joy coupled with some real happiness when you get married to someone you truly love. Getting married to your other half gives a feel of ecstasy which is given a true meaning in marriage. Being engaged is already a sign you are convinced you found the right person . DO NO WAIT FOR TOO LONG TO TIE THE KNOT.


Bridesmaids/Groomsmen gifts:
It was tough to decide which gift to offer our bridesmaids and Groomsmen. Nevertheless, we decided to pay a certain percentage of their attire. We paid a percentage of the dresses and suits coupled with the bow ties and the makeup for the ladies. We appreciate their wholehearted engagement to make the wedding a success.

Favorite item on the menu:
We enjoyed all the items we chose on our menu

First dance song:
Flavor – shake


wedding planner: JP Events & Design
photography: Nana Anan Photography
videography: Yamean Studios
Entertainment: Mike Music
wedding dress designer: Pantora Bridal
Groom Suit: Connaisseur Paris
bridesmaids dresses: Dollyskeppings
Groomsmen Suits: Connaisseur Paris
hair: Jacky International Hair Salon
makeup (Bride) : Yourfacemycanvas
makeup (Bridesmaids) : Danieandthebloom
shoes ( Bride) : INC
Shoes ( Groom ): Connaisseur Paris

Luxe Destination Wedding at the Hacienda Rio Luna in Loiza, Puerto Rico

Brides Full Name Tanyanika DeLions
Grooms Full Name Shayne Smith

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal.
Well we met around 10 years ago while at my previous place of employment as I handled his commercial insurance policies. We developed a genuine friendship over the years and then fast forward 5 years, the wick of attraction was lit. The proposal was a mix of beauty, romance and comedy and Shayne being Shayne I was perfect. He “spontaneously” took me on a long sunset stroll along the Rio Mar Beach located in Rio Grande Puerto Rico, to talk about our future and what we both wanted out of life and each other and upon our return back to the hotel , he started acting figedty dusting sand off my legs asking if I was okay and then got on one knee and asked me to marry him. Now we obvisouly know I said yes lol but I must add that he asked me on APRIL FOOLS DAY, so until I saw the ring I wondered if this was a prank cause we prank each other all the time. I was blessed that this was no joke…he was so nervous he never realized teh date and after I mentioned my apprehension he laughed at his missed opportunity.

Wedding Style: Describe your wedding dress. What was wedding shopping like for you?
My dress was designed by Ms. Andrea Pitter-Campbell from Pantora Bridal I decided early on that I wished for a gown with all over sequins but nothing too loud, something cultural in pattern and the sequin pattern was absolutely perfect. It had somewhat of a tribal-esque look and that flowed perfectly along with celebrating my Taino roots and location of the reception. Andrea was very pleasant to work with and very easy, from our first meeting where she brought the vision of my gown to life to physically delivering the dress to me less than 12 hours before I left to depart for Puerto Rico she perfect.

Culture: Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? If yes, tell us more.
Oh we incorporated tons of culture in many areas throughout the wedding day as well as weekend wedding.
Let’s start with the location – Loiza holds deep rooted African culture in all of Puerto Rico, it is also known as “La Capital de la Tradición”- “The Capital of Traditions” as it serves as the birthplace to a traditional dance called “bomba”. Loiza is also home to cultural folk art and insanely delicious food.

A Bomba and Plena troupe performed to welcome our guests to Puerto Rico immediately upon disembarking

While Shayne and I don’t eat pork, In honor of my latin heritage we decided to serve the traditional LECHON (roasted pig) during cocktail hour. We were blessed but honored to have our meal created & served by celebrity Chef Enrique L. Piñeiro. We welcomed our guests before the ceremony began with a refreshing drink of Sangria.
The day before and after we also infused cultural dishes for our guests to enjoy as fresh water coconuts, Coffee Barista, Piraguas (Puerto Rican shaved ice served with local fruit flavored syrup with or without alcohol), the ever so famous Paella and an empanada station served alongside custom sauces.

We had a cigar roller who showcased his talents and our guests were able to enjoy the culture and taste of hand rolled cigars.

Our guests also donned handmade “capias” (pin-ons), they were made by our Matron of Honor. Capias are small favors given and pinned onto the guest to serve as a token of appreciation of their presence at the festivity.

We also honored our ancestors and African American heritage with a traditional jumping of the broom.

To end off the evening with a bang, we knew we had to introduce our guests to the carnival culture of Puerto Rico, so we created our own and had a HORA LOCA (crazy hour) to parade through the gardens of the venue and to have everyone let loose and well…go crazy lol. Our guests were surprised to the percussion driven musical traditions, called Plena. The plena performers sang folkloric songs and raised the energy bar up a notch. The Stilt walkers and carnival girls were an amazing touch performing tricks and instructing guests to key movements and responses. We also incorporated a more than 400 year folkloric character, the “Vejigante” also known as the “life of the party” who by the way also traces its roots to the town of Loiza. The Vejigante engaged, pranked and danced with our guest throught he night and this is a memory our guests continue to talk about till this day.

Memories: What is your best memory from your wedding?
My best memory from the wedding other than marrying my love is two fold as I cant choose one. First was the sand ceremony which included our children and making them a part of the ceremony. Shayne’s four children had to play an integral part of this union. So as they are all super shy, we felt the best way for them to present and be seen was to have each one choose a color sand that represented them. During the ceremony they were all asked up to the alter and we all took turns blending our individual jars of sands into a larger jar to serve as a symbol of our single, inseparable unit that is our family.

The second was honoring my beloved grandmother, who hails from Puerto Rico during the wedding day. She was a lover and avid collector of the hand fan and I made sure to treat every guest with one as a keepsake along with an explanation as to why. I also had a special fan created in her style and honor that came all the way from Nigeria. This was such a special touch and I just knew she was there smiling on all of us.

Advice: What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?
The best advice we could give is to newlyweds is to BREATHE, everything will work out perfectly. Another small but important piece of advice, especially for destination weddings is to check on the wifi or signal strength. A few details that required this during our wedding had to be nixed as our location was so remote, that signal was either a hit or miss.


Bridesmaids/Groomsmen gifts:
Groomsmen gifts – leather wrapped personalized flasks boxed sets
Bridesmaids gifts – personalized silk robes, personalized leather key chains and Bvlgari perfume

Favorite item on the menu:
Tanya – Skirt steak with “chimichurri” sauce
Shayne – Pan seared Chilean Sea Bass filet

First dance song:
Exceptional by Babyface


Weekend & Day of Coordination Planner – M & Y EVENTS
Ceremony & Reception Venue – HACIENDA RIO LUNA
Officiant – Aran Santana of SANTANA MINISTRIES
Florist & Design- BLANCO BY MARA
Wedding Menu, Ceremony Programs & Vow books- PARCHMENT BY DAMI
Bridal Clutch – CLUTCHED BY DAMI
Bridal gown & reception gown – PANTORA BRIDAL
Bridal shoes – BADGLEY MISCHKA
Bridesmaids Dresses – WHITE BY VERA WANG via DAVID’S BRIDAL
Grooms Suit & Reception Jacket – MIGUEL WILSON COLLECTION
Hairstylist – NICKY B ON HAIR
Chef – MESA 364 / Enrique L. Piñeiro
Farewell Brunch Chef – IN HOUSE CHEF
Artisan Piraguas – PIRAGUA PREMIA
Welcome Party DJ – DJ FOKUZ
Sound & Lighting – REVOLUTION SOUND & DJ’S
Bomba & Plena Troupe – CAFE D’ PLENA
Custom Hand Fan – AFRICAN QUEEN
Lounge Furniture Rentals – GALA RENTAL (San Juan)
Ceremony Soloist – Charlene Wynn

Romantic Urban Garden Wedding at the W Loft in Brooklyn, NY | Aja and Dynel

Brides Full Name Aja Williams Powell
Grooms Full Name Dynel Powell

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal.
We met on Court Street in Brooklyn. I was leaving a smoothie place and he was working. He saw me leave and his SGT told him to drive back around. He caught me while I was about to pull out my parking spot and he told me my tints were too dark but he would ignore it if I gave him my BBM pin

I was 9 months pregnant with our son. He wanted to do it on Christmas day in front of my family ( my favorite holiday ) but my mother broke her leg and refused to come to my house so we spent Christmas at her house. My best friend came to town that weekend and asked me if I wanted to get my nails and make up done. I thought they were setting up a maternity photoshoot and I didn’t want that so I gave them a really hard time. They tried to get me to go to Brooklyn because he wanted to ask at the location we met but I was being a jerk and it was raining. They ended up telling me that we were going to adopt a cat. I really wanted on but we already have 2 dogs. He proposed right there in Petco (lmao) on December 26, 2015. I thought they were bringing me a cat but I got a ring instead.

Wedding Style: Describe your wedding dress. What was wedding shopping like for you?
Lace… I love everything about it. I got a Claire Pettibone dress from her Couture Collection.
It was pretty easy. It was the first dress I tried on 🙂

Culture: Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? If yes, tell us more.
We had a wine box ceremony and we jumped the broom.
Dynel is Jamaican so we had Caribbean food during the reception.

Memories: What is your best memory from your wedding?
EVERYTHING!!!! Best day ever!!
but I would say the ceremony and just being with our family and friends during the cocktail hr and reception
The décor was amazing !!!

Advice: What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?
Save!! Start saving before you get engaged. Hire a great wedding planner and take your time. Enjoy the whole experience


Bridesmaids/Groomsmen gifts:
Bridesmaids box – champagne gummy bears, personalized stemless wine glasses, robes, eye mask and bottle of rose. Also, paid for the makeup on the wedding day
Groomsmen – Bottles of Henny Black and some other type of liquor ( they love alcohol)

Favorite item on the menu:
Aja – The cake and wine pops
Dynel – Oxtail
Jermaine – Mac and cheese

First dance song:
Jackson 5 – I’ll be there


Planner/Designer: Victorious Events NYC
Venue: W Loft
Photography: J&R Photography
Cinematography: Yamean Studios Films
Lighting: Mike Music
DJ: DJ Spynfo
Hair: Hair by Sadiku
Makeup: Khadeeniam Ellis
Dress: Claire Pettibone
Florist: NYC Flower Project
Stationary: Taylor and Hov
Bakery: BCakeNY
Catering: Omars Kitchen, Island Pops
Design & Decor Elements: The Finishing Touch NY, Ten 23 Designs, Broadway Party Rentals, Big Dawg Party Rentals, Two of a Kind Rentals, Patina Rentals, Westside Party Rentals
Bride Jewelry- Sara Gabriel
Bride and Bridesmaids robes – Plum Pretty Sugar
Shoes – Badgley Mischka
wedding dress tailor and veil- Esin from Sew Elegant Bridal

Elegant Upscale Wedding at The Watergate Hotel, Washington, DC | Shemeka & Jeremy

Elegant Upscale Wedding at The Watergate Hotel, Washington, DC

Brides Full Name Shemeka Jacquelyne Neville
Grooms Full Name Jeremy Renard Watson

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal.
How we met: Shemeka and I met in 2009 in Atlanta during Greek Picnic at a Kappa House Party. I remember seeing her enter the room and thinking she was gorgeous, but I lost her in the party. At some point in the night, I go outside to grab some fresh air and there she is, leaning against a car talking to some guys. I make my way over and strike up a conversation. We ended up talking for the next hour about everything from Virginia Tech (where she went for undergrad and I went for my masters), engineering (we were both engineering majors in college), to DC (she was from DC and l lived there at the time). We exchanged info at the end of the night. She lived in Greenville, SC and I lived in Washington, DC. So we talked on the phone for about a month before the 7-hour drive to go on our first date. We’ve been together ever since.

The Proposal: It was Memorial Day weekend, May 2014. Jeremy was out of town for a friend’s wedding and I was in DC for my nephew’s first birthday party. Jeremy told me that he’d fly back on Monday, however, he actually flew back on Sunday morning. My best friend tricked me into going to a day party event at Meridian Hill / Malcolm X Park. My friend even made me change dresses into something slightly more formal, which seemed odd. I still had no idea because Jeremy was not even in town. Apparently, I made her late for the setup, so she drove what seemed 150mph, parked illegally on the corner and rushed us through this maze walkway through the park. All of a sudden, my friend made me pause for pictures at some random statue. Then, I noticed a trail of rose petals down a long pathway and a man standing at the end. I couldn’t make out who it was (was not wearing my glasses) and thought we were interrupting someone else’s proposal! After tiptoeing around the petals toward the man (my friend said the event was in that direction), I realized that it was Jeremy’s twin brother, Jerod (who was also out of town)! He throws up a hand signal and music starts playing. Cameramen (Jeremy’s friends) pop out of the bushes, and the park opened up to a beautiful scene with cascading waterfalls and an overpass fill with people watching. Jerod gave me a message and then told me to walk to the next checkpoint where my sister, niece, and baby nephew would be waiting with another message. Eventually, I arrive at Jeremy who himself had a message and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said Yes! Oh, and he picked the ring out all by himself!

Wedding Style: Describe your wedding dress. What was wedding shopping like for you?
Wedding dress shopping was like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I went to three different places with three different friends, and thus had 3 very different experiences. The first experience was at a high end boutique in New York and was overwhelming.

My second time was at a wedding dress sample sale. Good thing I had a friend who made sure we were there before sunrise and didn’t mind getting her hands dirty. It was very intense to say the least. I tried on about a dozen dresses and I unexpectedly fell in love with a dress that did not match my criteria. I was looking for a fit-and-flare, sparkly bodice with an exposed back, and dramatically long train. This dress was a fully beaded, sweetheart neckline, A-line dress by Stephen Yearick that was at least four sizes too big. It was breathtaking, but it was missing the “bride” look. I bought it anyway as a second dress.

My third and last experience is an experience that every bride should have. My friend, her baby son, and I went to Kleinfeld Bridal. It was as if my bridal consultant already knew me. We clicked instantly and he escorted us to our personal dressing room where I had a robe, was offered a beverage, and basically waited hand and foot. He picked out dresses, but had a good feeling about one in particular. This Dennis Basso dress was just about everything I wanted — fit-and-flare, sparkly bodice, sweetheart neckline, and a dramatic train to die for! The back wasn’t as low as I originally wanted, but I was fine with that. After putting on the dress, my consultant had me walk down a long hallway and into a waiting area with an audience where I would step onto a pedestal surrounded by mirrors. Everyone loved the dress. Inside, I knew it was the one. It was the first time I really felt AND looked like the bride I imagined. Then I was eventually asked the famous question!!! “Shemeka, are you saying YES to the Dress?!”. YES.

Culture: Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? If yes, tell us more.
Yes we had a money dance! Although my husband isn’t African we have a lot of friends who are! We thought it would a fun element to show our appreciation and love for the culture. We also dance to kompa all night!

Culture: Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? If yes, tell us more.
We chose to jump the broom in our ceremony for two reasons. First, no one in our respective families jumped the broom at their weddings, so we wanted to start something that hopefully our kids can continue. Second, we wanted to do it as a celebration and acknowledgement of our African-American history, slaves were not allowed to be married and jumped the broom to signify their union.

Also, we wanted to start the ceremony with spoken word, we both love open mic poetry nights!

Memories: What is your best memory from your wedding?
We chose to jump the broom in our ceremony for two reasons. First, no

Advice: What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?
Jeremy: My best memory is seeing Shemeka come down the aisle during the ceremony. I couldn’t hold back the tears, she was so beautiful and we’ve been through so much to get to this point, I was just overcome with emotion.

Shemeka: It’s hard to choose just one! Just before the curtain opened to walk down the aisle, there was a rush of energy, emotions, and nerves. There I was standing there waiting — staring at the black curtains, clutching my dad’s left arm, and waiting for my queue within the song ‘Latch (Acoustic)’ by Sam Smith. I got nervous and squeezed my dad’s arm. Then at the queue, the curtains sprung open and all eyes stared back at me. The room was breathtakingly romantic, as I had not seen it yet. Jeremy and I locked eyes and a rush of excitement overwhelmed me — so surreal like I was floating above my body. As I looked at my soulmate waiting on me with eyes filled with love, my heart filled with a sureness that I just cannot describe.

Favorite item on the menu:
Specialty Cocktails
Bride – “Hollywood” (inspired by STK’s Strawberry Cobbler Martini)
Groom – “Smooth Criminal” (Hennessy Mojito)

First dance song:
John Legend – You and I


Wedding Ceremony Dress Designer: Dennis Basso
Wedding Reception Dress Designer: Stephen Yearick
Bride’s Shoes: Customized Steve Madden
Bride’s Headpiece: Bridal Styles Boutique (NYC)
Bridesmaid Dress Designer: Faviana
Groom’s Tuxedo Designer: Musika Frere
Groom’s Shoes: Magnanni
Groom’s Shirt: Bonobos, https://bonobos.com/
Groom’s Tie & Pocket Square: Tie Bar
Makeup Artist: Kendell Dempster Artistry
Hair Salon: Just Fabulous, Stylists: Shaunita Dennis (Bride’s Hair) and Taryn Jones
Photo Booth: Candid Clicks
Ceremony & Reception Location: The Watergate Hotel
Wedding Rings: Tacori
Jeweler: Mervis Diamond Importers
Photography: Joshua Dwain
Videography: Yamean Studios
DJ: DJ 59
Florist: Blue Vanda Design
Officiant: Dr. Craig L. Oliver (Elizabeth Baptist Church – Atlanta, GA)