Frequently Asked Questions

We love what we see and we want to book you! What’s next?

Congrats on making your decision! Next we need to check our availability. Fill out the the form on our INVESTMENT page and we will contact you shortly thereafter to engage you in our experience.

Where are you based?

We are based in Tinton Falls, NJ..

Do you travel? If yes, do we have to pay for travel accommodations?

Yes! We love to travel. We have filmed domestically and interationally for weddings and more. For 2017-2018 we’ve decided to include travel in all our collection fees. Therefore you won’t have to pay for our travel within the continental United States. Weddings outside of the US, however we do require our clients to pay for full travel accomodations.

How far should we book in advance?

We suggest that you book as soon as you make a decision that you would like us to film your wedding. We are big on quality over quantity so we only film a certain number of weddings per year to maintain the gorgeous imagery that you see. We are currently booking for 2017 and 2018.

What is Cinematography and how is it different from Videography?

Cinematography is a way to shoot and edit video that focuses on telling a story. It’s an art form that combines professional documentary-style and Hollywood movie-style filmmaking to create an aesthetically pleasing and entertaining film to showcase your wedding. Videography is merely capturing video to document an event and generally consists of one person, standing in the back shooting a long-form video without edits.

Do you have a drone?

YES! but with all the FAA laws and new limitations and laws we limit use of drones only to venues. We also will look at the surrounding locations of the venue and the weather.

Can we get raw footage?

Yes! However, raw footage is very, very hard to watch. It can be 8+ hours of random clips, clips with out audio, no color corrections and no external audio synced in. We recommend getting a Feature FIlm and Chapter Add-ons. These will put everything together for you in an enjoyable viewing experience.

Can we pick our music?

Unlike many years ago when video was not popular or posted online for the world to see, music for all films must be licensed properly for it to be used legally. A lot of time and thought is put in to each soundtrack to make sure its the right fit for the emotion of your wedding film. So we ask that we always pick what works best for the films.