Envysion Wedding Cinema Workshop

April 13 2020, 9:00 AM - April 15 2020, 3:00 PM


“ENVYSION” is a three-day intensive workshop for cinematographers led by internationally-acclaimed wedding filmmakers Benjamin and Natasha Davis of Yamean Studios Films.
Whether you are just starting your cinematography career, currently filming weddings, or you are a photographer interested in adding video to your offerings, Benjamin and Natasha’s workshop will build on the key fundamentals of great composition, effective use of light, and post-production. They believe that by equipping attendees with practical ways of utilizing these principles, they will help push the art of wedding filmmaking to new heights. 
This in-person workshop is perfect for all skill levels and ideal for those looking to elevate their business by creating high-quality films. They will share their proven methods and techniques including their shooting process from start to finish, composition tips and tricks, troubleshooting when on assignment, and their step-by-step post-processing system. 
Benjamin and Natasha will open up their playbook to the systems and strategies they use to help you “envysion” and create a successful wedding filmmaking business.

This three-day workshop will focus on the following areas:

Being prepared with the proper gear for any situation
  Thinking creatively and finding inspiration during an event day
Learning to effectively use lighting to tell impactful stories
Capturing Storytelling moments with thoughtful compositions
Proper use of drones and the legal requirements to fly safely
Determining the “voice” of your brand and making it shine through in your films
  Identifying your ideal client and pricing for growth and profit
Perfecting post-production by breaking down the anatomy of a solid wedding film 
Critiques to help push your storytelling to an even greater potential

Here is a breakdown of what will be covered each day!

Monday April 13, 2019 - In Depth Seminar

All-Day class where Ben and Natasha take you through each aspect of their event filmmaking process:

Maximizing Picture Quality with Proper Camera Settings
Being prepared with the proper gear for any situation
Basic and Advanced Lighting Techniques
Ceremony and  Reception Coverage
Capturing Perfect Audio Every Time
Why your Second Shooter is the most important part of your team
Thinking creatively and finding inspiration during an event day

Tuesday April 14, 2019 - Interactive Masterclass

Intimate and engaging all-day class, complete with live, in-class demonstrations of Yamean tudios’s shooting, lighting, and audio techniques:

Critical Lighting Techniques
Bridal Preparation Planning and Coverage
First Looks and Creative Sessions Planning and Coverage
Advanced Camera Stabilizer Equipment Techniques
Ceremony Coverage In-Depth Audio Acquisition Techniques
Reception Coverage
Live in-class demonstrations with a Bride and Groom and reception details

Wednesday April 15, 2019 - Beyond the Veil :: Business/Editing

Intimate and engaging all-day class where Ben and Natasha share their playbook to editing compelling films and becoming more profitable.

Editing a Main Feature
Understanding Time Shifting
Positioning your business for growth
Pricing Guide for Top-Dollar Sales
Film Critiques to help make your Films better!



For the Full Workshop Options, you can either pay in full or leave a 35% deposit.