At first I wasn't sure if I even wanted a videographer, but I wasn't sure how often we'd watch it and pictures are what I'd put up on display. I would have really regretted not having Yamean Studios film my wedding. [Our] film is such a beautiful way to remember the day and put us back in the moment. It's a timeless piece we'll have forever. .

You'd regret it if you didn't hire Yamean Studios! My wedding short film is unlike any others that I've seen. Yamean really takes the time to tell your story how you want to remember that special day. I couldn't be happier with our wedding video, and can't stop watching it! That's the excitement their works brings out.

Kristin & Robert

This review is before I've received services, but I think it's especially helpful to brides who are just looking for guidance! The process from chatting with Ben to talking to Natasha by email was the smoothest ever! Not only are they personable and fun, but professional and I truly believe have our best interest at heart! We are huge on making sure the energy is right between us and our vendors and Yamean Studios exceeded our expectations.

When I showed my fiancee their work, he was SOLD, and that's coming straight from a groomzilla in the flesh :). So excited to work with them for our wedding in 8 months!

Whitney & Richard

We are so happy we made the decision to hire Yamean Studios Films. We chose them after seeing many video samples for the love and charisma they put into their work. It was easy to see that the things that are important to us (our family, the children there, the dancing and happiness) would all be portrayed in a beautiful way.

They have a way of making everyone feel comfortable and beautiful. They fit right in with our family It was fun and easy to be in the spotlight that way - something my husband and I aren't used to normally. Pictures alone could not capture all the moments and idiosyncrasies of that day they got on film. We plan to watch these for years and hopefully show it to our kids one day.

Karli & Eric

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Josh & Stephanie

A few words in a box won't accurately describe how happy we are that we chose Yamean Studios for our wedding day. At first my biggest concern was that I wanted them to blend in, I didn't want a day based around making a movie. Not only did they blend in when they needed to, when it was appropriate they added to the day. Both Natasha and Ben were lovely, made us (and our wedding party) feel so relaxed and so special.

Initially my husband wanted no part of a wedding video, he dreaded anyone coming to his room to film him, but he enjoyed the process so much that he couldn't wait for the video to arrive, and he was certainly not disappointed.

I can't say enough, our videos speak for themselves. It was an absolutely perfect day and there is no way I could imagine a better way to document it. They found the true soul of our and brought it back to life through these keepsakes that we'll have forever.

Jaclyn & Peter